The Black Dog Hangover

Wine tasting…..*check*

But Whiskey Appreciation….this I had to see.

Whiskey is considered a “classy” drink. Not something you would associate with student life in Delhi. So I jumped with an affirmative, the moment I received the invitation. Despite the fact that my trimester exams were to begin the very next day. I followed the star like the wise men.  Yes, booze has this effect and especially if it is free. And since it was a closed event for bloggers, I get to brag about it a bit more.

The event was at Strikers Pub and Brewery in Gurgaon. A pretty decent place with a smoking room and a  nice ambiance. Did I mention smoking room? The event started with a brief history of Black Dog. (Random Trivia: The name comes from the fishing lure, the founder James MacKinlay loved). And a short description of how scotch is prepared, the difference between Single Malt and Blended Whiskey and the effects of various ingredients e.g. the type of peat used, the oak used etc. In the end, these small differences make a huge difference in the taste, aroma, colour and robustness of the Whiskey.

We were a bit surprised witness  Wine glasses on the table. But were told and later experienced that the Wine glasses do expatiate the aroma.


And then came the moment we were all waiting for. The “holy” spirit descended on us all. There were three to be precise; An 8 year old, a 12 year old and an 18 year old.


The bottles were opened one at a time. Each round of drinks was

accompanied by food items specially ordered for the particular aged whiskey. As the robustness increased with age, so did of the accompaniments. Starting with King Prawn and Hung Curd stuffed in Bread Rolls to Lamb Chops.


Finally our host made two scotch cocktails for us. And they were quite good. For:



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