Four-Seasons and One Cheri

Bacchus was on a roll when Four Seasons followed their previous event with a Food Festival at Cheri One. This time they used Wine as an ingredient in the cooking. The event was at Cheri this time, a lovely place in the Mehrauli area.

The growing popularity of the Four Season events can be guessed by looking at the blogger turnout which had grown threefold from the previous one.

Mr. Abhay Kewadkar, the chief wine maker at Four Seasons started the event by sharing with us the finer points of Wine and Wine making. This was followed by a live cook-out session by Chef Raman of Cheri.

Both vegetarian and meat based dishes were prepared by the Chef and he used the Four Season wines in all of his recipes.

Again, like the previous event, the Lunch was served in courses with each course being accompanied by a type of Wine.

In the evening, as we attacked the piping hot Pizza that had just arrived, I looked back at the day that had been.

A day filled with fun, laughter, blogger friends, good food and Wine of course.



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