The Road Less Traveled


A Touch of Velvet

Not the colour or the fabric. It is the softness of the young moss that grows over the time hardened tree trunk.

Mist-tree Beckons

On The Rocks

The Mumbai / Bombay photos continue. Another from the Colaba area.


Near Colaba but not Band Stand (the name skips my mind). It was low tide and a few boats were stranded and tied to rocks.The first picture from the Bombay / Mumbai travel diary.

The River Sabarmati

I clicked this one while the train was crossing the bridge over the river just before reaching the Ahmadabad station. Only had time for one shot.

A Blanket of Clouds

My romance with the Victorian Structure continues. This is the front view of the Viceroy’s Lodge, taken from an angle. The clouds suddenly came in, covering it before the paparazzi menace increased.

Enchanted Castle

Enlightnened Path

Solitary Walker

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