Captured this old Monkey while it was deep in thought, while sitting on a stairway. His cut lip indicated a life full of excitement and a lot of Monkeying around. Maybe he was swinging deep in the branches of nostalgia.


10 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Hehe.. when you say “memories” and put a monkey’s pic.. it makes me think that you’re thinking about the time when you were a monkey!

    • Sigh….Humans were Apes once. Not Monkeys. Humans are called the naked Ape. Ape…repeat after me A-P-E. Monkeys not equal to Ape. Monkeys have a tail, Apes don’t. Plus there are other differences. And Apes take offense if you call them Monkeys. Watch “Planet of the Apes” will you.

    • GRRRR…Monkey & Apes are Primates, YES. But Apes belong to biological superfamily Hominoidea and Monkeys to Platyrrhini and Cercopithecoidea. Platyrrhini and Cercopithecoidea are the New World and Old World Monkeys respectively.
      Thats it….I will come to Bangalore and kill you now.

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