V Day

And that V is me….errr…my last name starts with V. I was out of ideas for this weaks ABC, both for an article and for the photo blog. I just wrote an article on the main blog, not even an hour ago and therefore finding it difficult to write on something beginning with V. And on the Photoblog, I just clicked it trying to test the timer mode of me camera.

Alright….you can start making fun of the image now….I know you are dying to do it. 😛

P.S. And those sun glasses are not mine.

ABC Wednesday


12 thoughts on “V Day

  1. Hey, I like your choice for V day. You don’t look anything like I pictured you. To be honest, I thought you were a little gray headed grandpa. What a surprise to find you are a cute little guy, and I am the gray headed gramma.

  2. Okie I tried very hard. trust me I did ! but what were you thinking… Ah! trying to attract more female fans … 😉 😉 🙂 🙂 i didn’t laugh see… see..!

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