Messed up….

A peak inside a boy’s bedroom. The funny thing is that we know where we threw our stuff and can find it. But the moment someone comes, organises and tidies it up…..we are never  able to find anything. By the way this is my friend’s room, when we were in college earlier this year.

Thursday Challenge


11 thoughts on “Messed up….

  1. Ahhh, this reminds me of my brother’s bedroom.. he would have ALL his computer accessories, wires, cds, blah blah strewn up everywhere.. and he would SCREAM if masi tried to set things right. “Don’t touch my things!!”.. I miss him so much. he has gone away for his higher studies.

  2. Does he know that we will be taking potshots at him?

    But look at the bright side, at least he could see that his bed was messy and was sleeping on the floor.

  3. Oh, yes, the college mess. I was going to photograph my daughter’s room, but if she ever decides to read my blog, I would embarrass her too much. My room as a child looked much worse than this.

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