H for Horses

For ABC Wednesday H day I clicked the photograph of these small metal sculptures in my house. They are antique and more than a century old. Originally there were 12. A horse and a mare in 6 different positions each. Only 4 of the original 12 remain.


20 thoughts on “H for Horses

    • Yes they do and especially when you have Maids and Gardeners and Cooks around. 5 of the original went missin when we were renovating the house. There were so many workers in the house then; Painters, Masons, Carpenters etc besides our full time Servants. It becomes impossible to tell who snatched them and they are pocket pieces.

  1. Love the color. Unusual collection and how interesting that they are so rare. Did you come upon them by chance, inheritance, or bid on them? Happy ABC Wed.

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