G – The Colour Green

I was out of ideas and decided to put this photograph taken a couple of months ago. Green and it’s shades are in majority here. From the trees to the camouflage. It is a bit grainy.

P.S. Participating for ABC Wednesday

22 thoughts on “G – The Colour Green

  1. Eek. OK OK I’ll pay the parking fine – phew city hall gets so tetchy…My G is a poem about goodbye. Thank you if you nominated me for the blog of note award last week. Hope your week goes well

  2. Nice! I wouldn’t have the guts to take a picture like this cos army people are supposed to be super finicky about photos, for ‘security’ reasons.
    I remember when I was sailing with mom & dad, we were approaching port and a naval aircraft carrier was leaving. I wanted to take a photo but my mom didn’t allow me!

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